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About AFA JCDecaux

The company is based on a unique concept: Offering municipalities free city equipment and street furniture funded via the advertising space integrated in the equipment.

AFA JCDecaux was founded in 1989 by AFA trafik reklame and the French company JCDecaux sa.
Today we are a modern business consisting of these two companies.

AFA trafik reklame takes care of selling bus advertisements, airport and ferry port advertisements throughout Denmark.

AFA JCDecaux installs and sells advertising space in city equipment (bus shelters, automatic toilets, information stands etc.) throughout the country.

The company is based on a unique concept: Offering municipalities free city equipment and street furniture funded via the advertising space integrated in the equipment. We maintain and clean the equipment ourselves to let the municipalities focus on other areas. Since the beginning of the 1990's, we have established ourselves as the leading Danish company within street inventory, and we co-operate with 26 of the largest municipalities in Denmark.

Our departments in Aarhus, Copenhagen, Aalborg and Odense employ a total of approx. 110 employees.


Product profile

AFA JCDecaux's products within bus advertisements, airport and ferry port advertisements as well as city inventory are under constant development in order to meet the increasing demands of time and advertisers.
Within the bus medium we have co-operated with our bus entrepreneurs to introduce "BillBus", "Abrimobil", "BillBoardBus" and "Decobus" – initiatives which have made the bus medium even more interesting for advertisers.

In airports we have developed, among other things, several large light boxes and banners in which innovative campaigns communicate in a creative manner with attractive target groups.

Likewise the city inventory is going through a continuous process of development. A co-operation between the designer Knud Holscher and JCDecaux's department of Research and Development has led to the production of street furniture, all of which has a public service function and which also allows the integration of aesthetically appealing advertisements.

We pay great attention to the quality of our surroundings and strive towards integrating our products in a way that they contribute positively to the surroundings.

If you would like to hear more about our company, we look forward to hearing from you.

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Working at AFA JCDecaux
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Working at AFA JCDecaux

It is a pleasure to work at AFA JCDecaux!

This is what most of our employees tell us, so we believe it.

The fact that many employees in AFA have celebrated their 25th anniversary to us means that our management philosophy is the way to go!

In this section you can read more about our employees, our lifestyle, our fringe benefits and much more.

Our values emphasise the respect we have for each other. We accept our differences and the fact that we work towards our goal from different directions. Our management philosophy prepares the ground for our employees to be proud of working for our company and having fun while doing so.

We have high moral standards at AFA. Therefore we make a reliable and trustworthy business partner.

The way to a harmonious staff is through caring for each other. We are whole persons, who need to make both working life and leisure time fit together, and therefore we strive to listen to and show an interest in each other.

AFA's employees must show commitment and great fighting spirit on a daily basis, in order to secure solid earnings for the company and our partners. Training and external as well as internal courses secure fully qualified employees in all positions.

social responsibility
At AFA JCDecaux we are very successful in employing "non-Danes". We do not integrate, but focus on solving our tasks. We respect each other and accept differences.

This has resulted in more than 30 percent of our employees in our technical department having a different ethnic background than Danish. This is such a big success that we have a waiting list, on which people who would like to work for us are signed up.

The Danish Ministry of the Interior also heard of our success and published a book in the year 2000 with experiences from five municipalities and five companies – one of these were AFA JCDecaux.






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